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2 Pieces of Vacuum Degassers for UAE Oil Service Company

Posted by:WestPetro    Time:2015-04-17     click:

It’s a pleasure day for WestPetro today, for our vacuum degassers will be shipped to Shanghai port and transported to UAE. 

Just as you watch as below, it’s not a big order, but we have do a good and detailed job to make everything goes well, including the iron package, which could ensure the vacuum degasser avoid unnecessary broken. 

WestPetro Vacuum Degasser

WestPetro vacuum degasser contains two different types: they are vertical vacuum degasser and horizontal vacuum degasser. Different type could meet your different needs. Generally speaking, as the newly design vertical vacuum degasser, it is mainly used to remove gas from slurry t ensures appropriate weight when drilling down and prevent blowout. It also can be used as big power mud agitator when the slurry as no gas. While the horizontal degasser, it could provide easy access to the leaf assembly and to float mechanisms via an access door that is oversized. This substantially minimizes downtime and costs on maintenance in comparison to others. 

WestPetro Vacuum Degasser

As an important part of the whole solid control system, vacuum degasser plays an important role in the oil drilling field, it could bring us more than you can imagine. Besides, with the high quality guaranteed and full service, WestPetro vacuum degasser, or the solid control system could reach your different needs in your drilling field work. 

If you are interested in WestPetro vacuum degasser, or some other solid control equipment, such as mud cleaner, sand pump, shale shaker, etc., or even the whole solid control system, please feel free to contact us for more details.
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