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Linear Motion ZS-Z-2 shale shaker

Product Details

Linear motion shale shaker

In terms of removing solids from drilling fluid, West petro patented linear motion shale shakers are the best answer. An inclined screen deck permits cake solids drying and the same time transferred toward the discharge chute. Mixed with Westport’s shale shaker screen, these supply substantial-excellent, fantastic drilling fluid recovery, decreased expenses on operation.

High g-force is important to convey the quantity of cuttings created when it is drilling a borehole in order to resume costly drilling fluids, and to reduce drilling fluid waste materials. Top-hole sections are high heavy volume cuttings, when drilling these sections, shakers are required to produce a high g-force in order to efficiently convey dense solids. The variable linear motion vibrator motors are created to give worker the ability on the adjustment of the g-force. When there are changes occurring in drilling and fluids, we can adjust the g-force of the shakers with the simple wrist twist at the control panel. This could be done with saving on the worksite cost

Attributes of all model ZS/Z-2 linear motion shale shakers:

1 explosion and non-explosion resistance electrical
2 50 or 60 Hz system
3 adjustable deck angle from –2 ½ to +5
4 Pretension screens with wedge fastening
5 High 2 - 8.5 g-force of supplies dry solids discharge.
6. Simple models with no hydraulics, gearbox, pneumatics, or belts.
7. all models can be mounted together on one skid for easy installation (two or three)

Technical performance

Screen specification: Frame screen 3-1181 x 712 mm
Excitation engine: 2-1.865 KW
Vibration amplitude: > 5.5 mm
Vibration intensity: > 6.5 g
Explosion-proof marker: ExdIIBT4
Protection grade: IP55
Dimensions: Length 2936 * width 1810 * height 1460 mm
Weight: 2100 kg

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