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WESTPETRO ZS Z-2 shale shaker

Product Details

As china's primary producer in terms of shale shaker screen and replacement screen, we can produce replacement shaker screen panels for certain types of shaker screen We have supplied outstanding shale shaker screen panels to more than 20 nations in the globe. Presently, we can provide 4 distinctive shale shaker screen panels witch include steel frame shale shaker screen panels, hook strip flat screen panel, pyramid shale shaker screen panel, and hook strip gentle screen panel.

Our experts can give your help to provide shale shaker screen with a wide range of mesh ranges for sand control, coalmine, and so on. WESTPETRO new items consist of pretension style shale shaker screen, vibrating screen or motion oil filed screen mesh and so on. The layers of stainless metal cable mesh filter cloth are well arranged to attain the optimum filtration for the shale shaker screen. Vibrating screen is extensively applied as shaker screen in solid control. Numerous frames and strip models are available for our clients. We serve clients by knowing their objectives and sharing their perception. Driven by requirement in market for custom e-tailored shale shaker screen system, WESTPETRO will offer an optimal answer for any petroleum drilling machinery.

Technical performance

Screen specification: Frame screen 3-1181 x 712 mm
Excitation engine: 2-1.865 KW
Vibration amplitude: > 5.5 mm
Vibration intensity: > 6.5 g
Explosion-proof marker: ExdIIBT4
Protection grade: IP55
Dimensions: Length 2936 * width 1810 * height 1460 mm
Weight: 2100 kg

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