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WESTPETRO Linear Motion ZS Z-1 shale shaker

Product Details

Capabilities Advantages of Linear Motion shale shaker:
1. G-forces linear motion up to 7 G
2. Hi-speed cuttings conveyance
3. Increased capacity in processing
4. Capable to manage heavier solids loads
5. Enhances volume of cuttings processing
6. Device AWD is adjustable from -1°~5°
7. Shale shaker feeder has two forms of feeder-weir or box

Shale Shaker

it is the first step in solids Manage device in drilling purification. It can eliminate cuttings above 75μm that were brought from the well of drilling to make the Fluid with smaller particles into the tanks, which will flow into next stage for further treatment.

Framework of Shaker Deck

WESTPETRO patented shaker has welded structure. Vibration Engine & screen plate base are Set up into screen basket. The screen basket is on the adjustment beam. There are various screen panels on screen basket and the panels are attached by Snap-On screw bolts, so the Impact of supporting bars that are horizontal and vertical can Supply Sufficient weight for the basket. And the panels have a shape of arch; Therefore Creating the panels intimately Attached with the frames, enlengthing their life for service and Raising efficiency in processing particles.

AWD angle adjustment system

The system can lower or lift the screen basket end when the Equipment is Functioning. This Component Consists of two vertical column assemblies that are attached on the upper beam assembly the shaker Bottom. The two screw rod ends are hinged with the upper beam assembly and the lower one. The screen basket angle can be adjusted easily between -1°~5°and with at an increment of 0.5°


The mud gathered after the process will flow into the shale shaker By way of the feeder. The feeders have three types:wire, bucket and the box type. The weir and box feeders are Primarily Utilized to buffer the flow drilling fluid rate and distribute them onto the screen to Decrease the collision against the screen. Together with the dryer shaker, the bucket feeder is Primarily Utilized in order to Gather and distribute cuttings.

The Economy of Linear Motion

WESTPETRO Linear Motion Shale Shaker is r is particularly efficient when drilling sections in which solids that are of high volume are normally encountered. Shakers are required to produce great g-forces in these intervals in order to efficiently make dense solids move throughout the screens.

Technical performance

Screen specification: Edge-lining screen 3-1053 x 697 mm
Excitation engine: 2-1.865 KW
Vibration amplitude: > 5.5 mm
Vibration intensity: > 6.5 g
Explosion-proof marker: ExdIIBT4
Protection grade: IP55
Dimensions: Length 2945 * width 1920 * height 1680 mm
Weight: 1850 kg

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