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ZS/Z-1 Series shale shaker

Product Details

1. Shale shaker model: onshore/offshore
2. Number of panels: 3
3. Screening Area: 3 x1053 x 697 mm
4. 'G' force: minimum 6.5

1. ZS/Z serial shale shaker is designed with the global most mature and popularly applied dual-shaft synchronized inertia straight-line vibration theory, with features as follows:
- With alloy steel metal material with high strength
- General heat treatment clear of stress
- Coating with high wearing resistance and anti-erosion capability
- The world advanced screw thread loose-proof technology and metal surface treatment technology are adopted. Imported engine with adjustable exciting force is used to give the machine an outstanding comprehensive performance.

2. According to the shale shaker model, it can be divided into ZS/Z-1 shale shaker and ZS/Z-2 shale shaker. The low-temperature shale shaker and ocean-type shale shaker are also developed for high-altitude and cold areas and oceanic climate and environment respectively. And the devoted vibrating screen with the scrap-eliminating function for truck-mounted drilling rig is also available.

3. For ZS/Z-1 shale shaker, the edge-lining mongoose pt screen screen with a quick-speed threaded rod, obliquity-adjusting mechanical ratchet mechanism and patent-technology-based splatter shield made of high-strength cloth are used for convenient usage and environmental maintenance.

Technical performance

Screen specification: Edge-lining screen 3-1053 x 697 mm
Excitation engine: 2-1.865 KW
Vibration amplitude: > 5.5 mm
Vibration intensity: > 6.5 g
Explosion-proof marker: ExdIIBT4
Protection grade: IP55
Dimensions: Length 2945 * width 1920 * height 1680 mm
Weight: 1850 kg

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