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Solvedrilling ZS/Z-2 Shale Shaker

Product Details


The brand-new design ZS/Z-2 shale shaker made by Solvedrilling, There are different models for your different choices, such as ZS/Z-1 line shale shaker, ZS/Z-1A line shale shaker, ZS/Z-1-4P line shale shaker with 4 screens, ZS/T-1A balanced elliptical shale shaker and ZS/T-1C balanced elliptical shale shaker.

Different style shale shaker will meet different work needs. Generally speaking, of course, there are different size shaker screens to match your needs. The Solvedrilling shale shaker can increase vibration frequency without stop when there is a big flow and decrease vibration frequency without stop when there is a small flow to extended life.


High Strength: Made by alloy steel metal material, this could ensure high strength work environment.

Fatigue Resistance: Heat treatment of screen box eliminates internal stress completely.

Corrosion Resistance: Coating material with high corrosion resistance.

Advanced Technics: Designed and manufactured by laser cutting, modern blasting coating technology, boring machine and bending machine.


Screen specification Screen specification
Excitation engine 2-1.865 KW
Vibration amplitude > 5.5 mm
Vibration intensity > 6.5 g
Explosion-proof marker ExdIIBT4
Protection grade IP55
Dimensions(L*W*H) 2936 * 1810 * 1460 mm
Weight 2100 kg

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