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MSS Stinger Seal Assembly - Solvedrilling

Product Details

Model MSS Stinger Seal Assembly is tubing conveyed latching seal assembly that is used to operate the sleeve-valve in an MWR Cement retainer previously set on wireline line. The MSS Stinger Seal Assembly should always be run with a MTC Tubing Centralizer to provide for easier entry into the Cement retainer.


1. Provide positive control when the work string is picked up to close the sleeve-valve. Re-engages each time the work
2. String is lowered to open sleeve-valve
3. Helps prevent seal from pumping out during pumping operations or tubing testing
4. One size operates several sizes of retainers
5. Rotate or Snap-out release
6. Can Run with Baker Cement Retainers



Part Number

Casing OD(in)

Threads Box up


4-1/2 - 5-3/4

2-3/8 OD EU 8 Rd


6-5/8 - 20

2-7/8 OD EU 8 Rd

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