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Dump Bailer - Solvedrilling

Product Details
<p><strong>Dump  Bailer</strong><br />
<p>A variety of dump  bailers are for casing applications. The service most frequently performed with  these dump bailers is the dumping of sand and/or cement on bridge plugs set in  casing.</p>
<p><br />
<p>  1. Compact, easy  running<br />
  2. Very light<br />
  3. The design of  dumping cement through the bottom glass striking assures the security of  dumping DUMP BAILER<br />
  <strong>Note:</strong> Inspect screw thread condition before  service.</p>
<p align="left"><strong>Specifications:</strong></p>
<table border="1" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0" width="100%">
    <td width="568" colspan="4"><br />
    <td width="115"><p align="center">Dump Bailer Assy. Part Number</p></td>
    <td width="228"><p align="center">Description</p></td>
    <td width="108"><p align="center">O.D. (in)</p></td>
    <td width="117"><p align="center">Length (in)</p></td>
    <td width="115"><p align="center">A00-00-020</p></td>
    <td width="228"><p align="center">3 1/2” Dump kit assembly</p></td>
    <td width="108"><p align="center">3 1/2”</p></td>
    <td width="117"><p align="center">157.48</p></td>
    <td width="115"><p align="center">041-1000-008</p></td>
    <td width="228"><p align="center">4 5/16” Dump kit assembly</p></td>
    <td width="108"><p align="center">4 5/16”</p></td>
    <td width="117"><p align="center">157.48</p></td>

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