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LSB Series Centrifugal pump

Product Details

LSB Series Drilling mud feeding vertical pump used in oil and gas field

1.The vertical pump which manufactured with special machinery seal technology (patent No.: ZL200720079857.2), has very long service life, reaching internationally advanced level and improved operational reliability;

2. Its impeller is specially designed to have a wider flow pass and smooth vanes, with larger flow area and smooth fluid pass, making the vertical pump reach the internationally advanced level in pump efficiency and energy-saving, 10% higher than similar products.

3.The centrifugal pump has adopted a shell thicker than normal one, with rational pass and less turbulence. Impeller and shell are made of high wear resistant cast irons, with service life longer than other products by 50%;

4.The vertical pump shaft has high strength that can bear certain load, reducing shafts deflection and extending seals service life;

5.The shaft is lubricated with lubricants and lubricating grease and the oil seal is made of special structure and materials, suitable for high and low temperatures and complicated environment; Front opening structure is used for convenient installation, repair and maintenance.

6. It is used for special installation circumstance and centrifuge feeding, with two series of LSB100 and LSB2×3, in 9 specifications.

Type Capacity Head(m) Efficiency (%) Speed(r/min) Power(kW)
Shaft power Motor power
LSB2×3J-3 30 11 63 1480 1.6 3
LSB2×3J-4 50 8 60 1480 2.3 4
LSB2×3J-5.5 50 12.5 62 1480 3.3 5.5
LSB2×3J-7.5 60 15 63 1480 4.2 7.5
LSB2×3J-11 70 18 64 1480 6.3 11
LSB100-45 150 15 58 1480 10.6 22
LSB100-37 160 15 58 1480 11.3 30
LSB100-30 160 18 58 1480 13.5 37
LSB100-22 200 22 58 1480 20.7 45

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