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LW630 VFD Drilling Mud decanter Centrifuge

Product Details

1. With high performance and efficiency
2. Bowl Diameter: 630mm
3. Bowl Length: 1260mm
4. Max operating RPM: 2200

LW630 Drilling Mud decanter centrifuge

1. Over 400 sets are widely used in overseas market including United States, Russia, South America, Middle Asia and Middle East.

2. With 7 patents given including a special controller for flow ajustment. Centrifuge Bowl and screw conveyor are made of stainless steel  (No. 304) for high resistance to  wearing and erosion.

3. Screw conveyor are bonded with hard alloy blocks that improves the service life up to 5 years.. Max through capacity up to 80 m3/h (SG<1.1)

4. It is a large-displacement model with high rev. and large treatment volume developed by us and a unique model among domestic petroleum drilling fluid-purpose centrifuges.

Technical spec. Unit Rate freq.
Variable freq.
Inner diameter of bowl mm 630
Active length of bowl mm 1260
Max. rotation speed of bowl r/min 2200
Active rotation of bowl r/min 1400 1600 ≤1800
740 967 ≤1140
Differential speed of conveyor r/min 25 ≤35
Max. throughput (SG<1.1) m3/h 60 5080
Main motor Model
Rated power kW 5575
Rated speed r/min 1480
Accessorial motor Model
Rated power kW 15
Rated speed r/min 970
Feed pump model
Centrifugal pump LSB23J, SB23J or screw pump
Dimension length mm 3770
width 1560
height 1990
Weight including the feed pump kg
Including control cabinet

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