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Drilling Fluids Features LW630 Series VFD decanter centrifuge

Product Details

Description of LW630 Series VFD decanter centrifuge:
This kind of decanter centrifuge is designed in accordance with the drilling fluids features of petroleum. It can be regarded as one of the professional and important solid-liquid separation equipment which is widely used in petroleum areas. You can use it for recovering barite controlling the drilling liquid viscosity and density. This kind of decanter centrifuge also is used to feed, remove fine solid, lower solid center and so forth.

Advantages of Our Products:
LW630 Series VFD decanter centrifuge made by our company has high quality and competitive price. It is easy for you to adjust, operate and maintain. It is convenient for you to wash it effectively.

Application of this product:
It can be used to separate when the liquid viscosity of solid phase is equal to or less than 0.01 Pa·S, the solid concentration is between 2 percent and 7 percent and the particle diameter is equal to or more than 2μm.
The decanter centrifuge is also used to clarify suspensions with little solids.
As one of the most important devices in petroleum industry, decanter center is widely used in petroleum industry for separating of solid and liquid to carry out dehydration of solid phase, separate liquid and solid, and other process.

Want to know the separation principle of this decanter centrifuge?
This device is usually forced by 2 motors. The function of the main motor is to drive drum and outer casing of differential through belts. The auxiliary motor, however, can be used to drive the spiral propeller. The 2 motors can ensure both drum and the spiral propeller rotate in the same direction with a proper speed you expected.

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