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Higher Rate LW630 Series VFD decanter centrifuge

Product Details

XBSY pattern and create variable higher rate decanter centrifuge for oilfield drilling fluids, and other decanting centrifuge for drilling mud separation.

Common information and facts variable higher rate decanter centrifuge
With the development of petroleum drilling technologies and environmental security consciousness, higher specifications are placed forward to the petroleum drilling solid-handle technique, generally embodies in the 3 factors below:

A) Exploration of oil gas developer desire to use far more fresh mud drilling to defend the layer of oil gas so as to attain higher oil gas manufacturing.

B) The utilizing of turbo screw drilling technologies placed forward higher specifications on the mud freshness.

C) More interest will be compensated to the treatment of disused mud although deal with the disused mud is generally to separate sound stage from fluid stage as a lot as feasible.

Centrifuge of medium speed separate solid stage granule to the thinner granule and higher-viscosity drilling equipment, it cannot separate them nicely. Therefore, medium rate centrifuge can hardly encounter the new specifications of solid-handle technique; deploying higher rate centrifuge is the advancement development in long term. The variable higher rate decanter centrifuge developed by our corporation can far better fulfill the above specifications.

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