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Excellent LW450 VFD Cecanter Centrifuge

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Separation theory
Getting benefit of the theory that the heavy or fluid, with several density and mutually insoluble in the mixed fluid, obtain several sedimentation rates in the centrifugal force area or gravity force area, separating stratification or leading to the particles that are hard in the fluid to deposit can be accomplished.

In the gravity force area or centrifugal force area, the heavy and light fluid stage and the solid stage with several density and mutually insoluble in the mixed fluid, each obtain several sedimentation rates, and so separate and stratify. In the gravity force area, it is named gravity separation, whilst in the centrifugal force area it is named centrifugal separation.

Gravity separation
Because of variance in density, the mixed fluid in the container, soon after a period of time, is steadily divided into 2 layers. The heavy stage component of the mixed fluid deposits to the bottom of the container, whilst the mild stage 1 suspends to the up surface area. A relatively unique dividing plane types among the mild and heavy stages. The separation rate is impacted by the variance in density among the heavy and light stages that make up the mixed fluid. The bigger the variance in density is, the quicker the separation rate will be.

Drilling mud is an integral component of most drilling equipment, it is also named drilling fluid, there exists also solids that are suspended in the fluid.

Decanter centrifuge can supply strong-fluid separation engineering to your drilling mud app, enabling reuse of the substance and far more effective and price-efficient disposal. We have our specific design and style and collocation decanter centrifuge for oilfield and commercial manage of solid, drilling fluid / mud cleanup and treatment of water.

Decanter centrifuges are utilized to procedure drinking water-centered and oil-centered drilling fluids. Oilfield decanter centrifuge mechanically improve the gravitational force exerted on the mixture of solids and fluid existing in the mud. We can utilize more than 2,000 g-forces appliance to separate the component in the fluid

Decanter centrifuges have broad procedure ability to fulfill all ranges as every drilling plan. It is generally and broadly utilized for essential oilfield and well of gas functions delivering effective manage of solids whilst considerably decreasing the complete mud price and reduce spend disposal volumes of the operator.

Aggressive advantage:
Automated steady operation
Water degree adjustable
Greatest capability and lowest energy intake
PLC manage
Screw conveyor total tiled.

We provide excellent high quality oil field decanting centrifuge / drilling mud / drilling fluid and solid - liquid separation gas, examine far more detail facts about oil field decanting centrifuge / drilling mud / drilling fluid and solid - liquid separation gas, please really feel free to make contact with us!

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