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LW Series VFD Decanter centrifuge

Product Details

1. Model: Variable frequency decanter centrifuge
2. Bowl size: 355mm x 1257mm;
3. Rotation speed: 3400rpm;
4. Capacity: 36m3/h

LW serial centrifuge used in drilling well oilfield rig

1. Decanter centrifuge has been granted 7 patents including a flow controller for adjusting and controlling the feed quantity of the centrifuge (ZL200720079860.4) and a main bearing seat of the centrifuge used for drilling fluid-solid-phase control system (ZL200720080219.2).

2. LW serial centrifuge has two control models of variable frequency and work frequency, and has abovementioned various centrifuges devoted for ocean drilling platforms. The work frequency-driven centrifuge can change its speed through pulley and belt change, and the variable frequency centrifuge can realize infinite speed variation in a large scope and its control cabinet can directly display the parameters of work rev., work current and torque. The engine may be suitable for power grids of 50Hz and 60Hz.

3. The roller and helix stowing tool, as the major components of the centrifuge are designed independently by the company, and are made of stainless steel (American Steel No.: 304). All the welding lines are inspected and treated with certificate of conformity or record. And the gyrator will have the resistance to wearing and erosion, and the roller shield, segregation box, main transmission shield and auxiliary transmission shield are all made of stainless steel.

4. The helix vanes are made through bead welding, spray welding and modules to ensure the resistance of the centrifuge to wearing and erosion, greatly improving its service life.It is equipped with dual overload protective devices for machinery and electric appliance for safe operation.

5. And it is equipped with the vertical pump or horizontal fluid-supplying pump designed and produced by the company, with the tools and reserves for equipment use and routine maintenance, with Chinese and English Users Manual and block diagram and explosion diagram, for users to choose the appropriate model, delivery, operation and maintenance. 6.The maximum speed reaches 4000 rpm. Its fine separation, advanced quality and technology have reached the international level.

Technical spec. Unit Rate freq.
Variable freq.
Inner diameter of bowl mm 355
Active length of bowl mm 1257
Max. rotation speed of bowl r/min 3400
Active rotation of bowl r/min 2800 3000 ≤3200
1558 1789 ≤2035
Differential speed of conveyor r/min 27 - 52 ≤60
Max. throughput (SG<1.1) m3/h 22-30 36
Main motor Model
Rated power kW 30
Rated speed r/min 1470
Accessorial motor Model
Rated power kW 7.5
Rated speed r/min 970
Feed pump model
Centrifugal pump LSB23J, SB23J or screw pump
Dimension length mm 3000
width 1476
height 1620
Weight including the feed pump kg 3300 Including control cabinet

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