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WESTPETRO Polyurethane Screen

Product Details


polyurethane screen:

1 shakers for metallurgy coal chemical constrction

2.high screening efficiency ,reduce noise

3 resistanc

Product Description: polyurethane mesh, sieve is mainly used for metallurgy, coal, chemicals, construction and other sectors shaker, with good wear resistance, long life, high screening efficiency, reduce noise and so on.


1, high wear resistance polyurethane mesh life is 3-10 times of other metal screen,to improve the operating rate, increased economic efficiency.

2, the unique structure, the appropriate elasticity and elastic force, the material can block the card was packed to escape through the sieve or sieve, but also make fine-grained materials due to screening of the second high-frequency vibration can not adhesion, significantly reduces the blocking holes, clean the surface of the product, improve the screening efficiency.

3, the polyurethane mesh effectively absorb shock, reduce noise, improve the working environment for unloading.

4, transverse tension, light weight, flexible, easy to install demolition, transportation, storage easy.

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