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WESTPETRO Shaker Screens in Polyurethane/PU Material

Product Details

PU sieve plate widely used in vibration sieve in metallurgy,mine,coal,building materials,irrigation works and road constructing,etc.The PU sieve plate has fully used the remarkable wear-resisting property,high strength in board hardness range.It has a reasonable mesh structure and installation structural design.So polyurethane screen sieve plate possess the following features:

1.The abrasion resistant property is good, the service life is long,its abrasion resistant is 3-4 times to steeliness,more than 4 times to ordinary rubber sieve plate.

2.The polyurethane sieve plate is much lighter than the similar size steel sieve plate,thus,it reduces the sieve machine load,saves the electricity consumption and may lengthan the sieve machine.

3.It has excellent low-temperature performance.

All of the benefits of WESTPETRO’s polyurethanes without deck modification

Exact drop-in replacements for crown deck screens

High-quality, custom-made panels to fit your deck for maximum wear life and service

Long wear life and cost effectiveness guaranteed

Increased efficiency in blinding and plugging applications versus wire cloth or punch palte

High-quality, internal steel cable construction

Complete line of hold-down accessories

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