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SB Series Sand pump

Product Details

Centrifugal pump for mud treatment used in solid control systems

1. Over 10000 sets of centrifugal pump are widely used in overseas market including United States (Nabors), Russia South America, Middle Asia and Middle East.

2. 4 patents given to the SB series sand pump including special mechanical seal technology ensures long service life, no leaking within more than 1 year. Special designed impeller improves the centrifugal pumps' efficiency and energy-saving by 10%. The centrifugal pumps are made of high-wearable cast irons to improve the service life by 50%. Front opening structure for easy installation and maintenance of the centrifugal pumps.

3. There are six models of the SB serial centrifugal pumps, namely SB8×10, SB6×8, SB5×6, SB4×5, SB3×4 and SB2×3, with engine power ranging from 4Kw to 110Kw, totaling more than 80 of specifications.

4. The centrifugal pump is either in the unit construction structure or in belt transmission structure, suitable for power grids of 50Hz and 60Hz. It also has both Metric and British systems as measuring standards and clockwise and anticlockwise rotary directions.

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