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Globe Broadly LW520 decanter centrifuge

Product Details

We market decanter centrifuge globe broadly.
XBSY solids handle is to produce decanter centrifuge for drilling mud purification technique. Our decanter centrifuge utilizes Chinese first brand name explosion-resistance licensed electric powered engine.

Decanter centrifuge:
We are contacting with a Russian huge importer for decanter centrifuge in 2013.

Decanter centrifuge is the essential gear of working with the very good hazardous stage of solid. Decanting centrifuge can depart and recycle the sound stage bigger than 5µm, rapidly resume The density of drilling fluid and improve the drilling pace. Decanter Centrifuge Is The Perfect Oilfield Drilling Fluid Purified Gear.

The decanter centrifuge is generally employed to control the density and viscosity of drilling fluid, lower solid stage content, eliminate the hazardous sound stage, recycle the heavy spar, regain the left of whirling present separator to ensure the great overall performance of drilling fluid and improve the pace of drilling.

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Why purchase decanter centrifuge from us?
By the way, we also produce centrifuge in accordance to client specifications. Our decanter centrifuges are great sufficient for exporting to Russia.

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