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WESTPETRO LW355 Decanter Centrifuge

Product Details

XBSY decanter centrifuge is applied to divided suspended solids that are ≥2μm in diameter and deal with the drilling fluids and mud. It is specifically efficient when applied in oilfield program marketplace, commercial program marketplace and specifically in natural environmentally delicate locations. This sort of centrifuge is higher in percentage of recovery, efficient in solids manage and extraordinary in the decrease of price invested on drilling mud resupplying and control. It is a quite sophisticated appliance in dynamic balancing, capable to work stably with the whirling rate varying from 0 to the speed 3400 and create centrifugal force that is 2035g.

Decanter centrifuge can fulfill with distinctive needs of mud management below numerous drilling circumstances, which can do particle separation and sedimentation which are more than 2 mm. Right after deal with these particles, the mud can obtain perfect proportion and stickiness, leading to a better recycling, higher performance, protection of environment and saving.

The sequence of centrifuge such as 518 centrifuge and de-1000 decanter centrifuge by our corporation has been created years ago with the constant enhancement and optimization pattern, which possesses the qualities of decent result of settlement and separation, also it is of big quantity , extended life, reduce power cost, uncomplicated maintenance, smooth procedure, low noshes, and so forth.

To make certain that the efficient deal result and prolonged life, the very important components adopts forging product, higher top quality stainless metal, strengthen treatment in heat and rigid manage procedure. And on every component that could wear easily carry spraying layer that is wear-resisting and hard alloy mosaic and so forth. The main drum mouths overflow making use of adaptable poling board, it can be adjusted at any time in accordance to treatment of distinctive sludge

To fulfill the needs of the advancement of modern day drilling engineering, WESTPETRO created and equipped the equipment with the explosion-resistance control of various frequencies that could adjust separation aspect and drum rotational rate. By these new technologies, we make the centrifuge to adapt altering of mud property throughout the procedure, which helps make the procedure much more efficient and fantastic.

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