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LW355 Oilfield Decanter Centrifuge

Product Details

Oilfield decanter centrifuge for drilling fluids.

Decanter centrifuge are utilized to procedure unweight and excess weighted, oil and water based drilling fluids/slurry/muds. Mechanized vitality is utilized to boost the gravitational force exerted on solids that are existing in the mud. Oilfield decanting centrifuge is capable to utilize more than 2,000 g-forces on the solids/fluid mixture, which disconnects the lighter solids and the lighter ones. Furthermore, higher g-forces separate good solids from fluid.

Mechanized separation of solids from the mud via the use of a decanter centrifuge is a highly efficient measure of sustaining correct mud weight and viscosity. When utilized in combination with other solids manage gear, decanting centrifuge can let people to preserve the mud inside of the prescribed quantity as every drilling project. Normally, oilfield decanting centrifuge is the last procedure models in the solids manage gear.

XBSY solids control gear is based in manufactures of china and provide total collection of higher-rate, variable-rate and completely varied-rate decanting centrifuge for managing drilling fluids. Our factory and corporation are high quality managing system is O 9001-2008 licensed. XBSY solids control works worldwide essential oil gas drilling mud separation. Ruggedly constructed for commercial solids, oilfield, and system for controlling, decanting centrifuge is especially efficient in fulfilling fluid-on-cuttings discharge needs in environmentally delicate locations. Decanting centrifuge also provide higher rates of fluid recovery and effective solids manage to drastically decrease complete mud price and restrict spend disposal volumes of the operator.

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