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LW serial Centrifuge

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LW Decanter Centrifuge is important equipment in drilling fluid solid control system. It is used for maintaining drilling fluid, wiping off harmful fine particle, improving performance of drilling fluid and retrieving barite. We have 5 types of centrifuge including LW355*1257, LW450*1000, LW520*1290, LW630*1260, LW630*1924, all above types contains 2 control types including rated frequency and variable frequency and special offshore type. The rated frequency centrifuge has fixed speed which can be changed only by replacing drive pulley. The variable frequency centrifuge can have infinite speed variation and its control cabinet can display speed, current, etc. the equipped motors are suitable for power grids of 50Hz and 60Hz.

The drilling decanter centrifuge has earned the award of key scientific and technological project of Sichuan province in 2003, and has got 13 certificates of utility model patent and design patent. The advanced quality and technology have kept ahead of international level.


Reliable Quality. As key components of the centrifuge, bowl and screw conveyer are made of stainless steel (American steel No.304) and designed independently by the company. All the welding lines are inspected and heat-treated with certificate and record. The gyrator has the resistance to earing and erosion. Meanwhile, the bowl cover, resell assembly, main transmission cover and auxiliary transmission cover are all make of stainless steel.

Long Service Life. The helix vanes are made through bead welding, spray welding and modules to ensure the resistance to wearing and erosion. The muzzle of antiseptic treated. Main motor, auxiliary motor and switch are all protected by stainless steel pipe. All components is moisture-proof, damp-proof and antiseptic which can improve the service life.

Reliable Performance. Equipped with mechanical and electrical overload protection device which can ensure safe operation.

High Grade of Precision. Balance precision of centrifuge 2.5, noise <85db, vibration intensity <7.1 (loaded). All data exceeds the standard requirement, keeps centrifuge operating smoothly and improves service life.

Branding Effect. Main bearing is famous imported bearing, the temperature of bearing <35C when operating. Control cabinet uses famous electrical elements such as SIMENS and Schneider.

Perfect Service. Equipped with mechanical seal vertical or horizontal feed pump and a set of tools and spare parts used for operation and maintenance. The customers can choose types, make orders, operate and maintain according to Chinese and English operation manual, stereogram and explosive drawing.

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