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LW Serial Variable Frequency Centrifuge

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Technology Advance: the variable frequency high speed decanter centrifuge has earned the award of key scientific and technological project of Sichuan Province in 2003. The advanced quality and technology have kept ahead of international level. The centrifuges have got 13 patents. We have manufactured 2000 sets of centrifuge nearly 10 years and serviced oilfield world widely.

Strong Adaptability: the variable frequency centrifuge can have infinite speed variation and its control cabinet can display speed, current, etc. it can treat mud with different character and adapt to field conditions better. The treatment effect is more desirable.

Reliable quality: all the key components are made of stainless steel; the welding lines of rotation part are inspected and heat-treated. The helix vanes are made through bead welding, spray welding and modules to ensure the resistance to wearing and erosion.

Technical Features: Balance precision of bowl >2.5, noise <85dB, equipped with mechanical and electrical overload protection device which can ensure safe operation.

Frequency conversion control cabinet: control cabinet has positive pressure explosion-proof type and flameproof type. The customer can choose one to meet their requirement.

Easy Operation: the rated frequency centrifuge is easy to installed and operated. It has constant speed of bowl and differential speed which makes installation and maintained easier.

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