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“There are many customers or visitors come to Solvedrilling and leave a message about different questions, for most of them, the questions point to the same meaning with the same answer. So we decide to open a page called Q & A, to list most popular questions about Solvedrilling, about our products, about our solid control system and drilling waste management unit. Anyway, you can find most interesting answers here, and an interesting Solvedrilling.”

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Q: Do you have any idea to find a good drop shipper or supplier of mud             cleaner and vacuum degasser in Philippines?

A: To be frank, Google search is a trust way, and with the reference of customers’ review, I think you can find a reasonable supplier of mud cleaner and vacuum degasser in Philippines. For another words, just as we mentioned that when you wanna find a reasonable partner or drop shopper in local, please do not narrow your mind, you can find more outstanding supplier when you throw into the international marketing, such as, Solvedrilling will be a good choice for your needs, for we are not only the manufacture of mud cleaner and vacuum degasser, but also the professional manufacture of drilling waste management unit and solid control system, from which you will find our latest cutting dryer, hydraulic centrifuge, etc. 

Solvedrilling vacuum degasser for Russian cliends

Q: Any good suggestion about decanter centrifuge supplier in Mumbai?

A: Just as you see, it’s a world wild cooperation world, if you need decanter centrifuge, and you are just in Mumbai, I could understand the first thing you will keep in mind is that whether could I find a best supplier of decanter centrifuge in Mumbai. The idea is not a bad one, but not a good one. I mean if you focus your mind just on Mumbai, you will lose much more chance to compare with other companies, maybe they are more splendid. So if you need a decanter centrifuge for Mumbai marketing, please do not put all eggs in one basket, find more amazing information in international marketing. BTW, Solvedrilling located in Chengdu, China, which is much more closed with Mumbai with a well-developed transport, why not have a try to contact us? 

SOlvedrilling Decanter Centrifuge

Q: What’s your point about sand pump and shale shaker rent?

A: Some partners leave us messages to ask if they wanna rent Solvedrilling sand           pump and shale shaker, what we will do. Generally speaking, as a manufacture of    solid control equipment, we wanna provide the best quality solid control equipment   to our end clients. To be frank, we do not think sand pump rent or shale shaker  rent   is a good idea for our partners, for there are so many things will not be  involved the  renting service. For shale shaker, one more words, there needs more shaker screen to match the work of shale shaker, what I wanna say is that if  you purchase  Solvedrilling shale shaker, there are shaker screens attached.

Solvedrilling Sand Pump


Q: Are you Manufacturer of centrifugal pump located in Malaysia?

A: Yes, we are manufacturer of centrifugal pump, besides centrifugal pump, we are also the original manufacturer of solid control system and drilling waste management. If you are interested in Malaysia oil drilling well, you will find the decanter centrifuge, mud cleaner, cutting dryer are manufactured by XBSY, which is our company’s name. 

Just as you see, we are Chinese solid control system and drilling waste management unit manufacturer and located in Chengdu, Sichuan. But do not worry, if you are located in Malaysia and you need our equipment, we will provide you the best quality guaranteed products and full service. 

Q: Could you provide drilling machines in Thailand?

A: Yes and No, this is a funny answer. To be frank, we could provide the necessary parties of drilling machines, such as solid control system contains of sand pump, shale shakershaker screen, mud cleaner, etc., and the drilling waste management unit, which could provide you an environment protection guarantee. About the drilling machines, if you mean the machine is about drilling rig, sorry to say that we could provide it and the related service. 

Q:  Which will be the best choice for a best spray pump with electrical motor      in Delhi?

A:  Why should it must be in Delhi? Just as you know, China is neighborhood with India; and Solvedrilling, which is located in Chengdu, Sichuan, is more closed with Delhi. From this point, distance is not a problem. 

For another question: whether could I provide you the best spray pump with electrical motor? Of course yes. We could not only provide you the best quality guaranteed spray pump, but also provide you the imported electrical motor from Italy. 

     So why do you struggle with this issue so hard?