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Repeata-B Retrievable Production Packers

Product Details

Model Repeata-B Retrievable Production Packers are used for production, injection, testing, fracturing, squeeze cementing, gravel packing and as temporary bridge plugs. These wireline set packers are retrievable with tubing, sandline, electric wireline or coil tubing and require no rotation to release or set. The bi-directional one-piece slips hold high pressure differentials from either direction. Repeata-B packers use conventional permanent packer seal nipples and accessories. They are available for 3 1/2” through 9 5/8”.

•    Sets securely in any hardness casing, including premium grades
•    No rotation required to set or release
•    Three piece packing element system
•    Uses conventional drillable packer seal nipples and accessories
•    Threaded pin down connection for easy installation of accessories, such as Screw-Out or Nok-Out Plug kits
•    Can be set with GO, Baker or Gearhart wireline Setting Tools

•    Recommended to 300°F applications


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