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NJQ serial Mud Gun

Product Details

NJQ serial mud gun is a tool preventing mud deposit in drilling mud cycle system. It is mainly used for mixing. Shearing and also flush of mud tank. The power of mud gun comes from reflow system of mud pump or low pressure sand pump. We have NJQ2/6.4 and NJQ3/1.6 with rotary type and fixed type.


Strong capability of mixing and shearing: Use jet nozzle with high speed.

Long service life: Nozzle and seat use wear resistant material.

Easy operation: a full range of work.


Type Work pressure (Mpa) Nozzle Diameter (MM) Nole Qty (piece) Pipe Diameter (MM)
NJQ2/6.4 <6.4 or =6.4 10.5 2 50
NJQ3/1.6 <1.6 or =1.6 <1.6 or =1.6 1 80

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