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Linear Motion Mud Cleaners

Product Details

WESTPETRO mud cleaners’ line employs our patented technology on shaker engineering with outstanding performance. Solid control equipment is growing quickly and WESTPETRO will carry on leading with regard to revolutionary options to fulfill your necessities in the future.


Mud cleaners of WESTPETRO are compact, multi-practical. The patented cleaners are developed to be operated as double-deck drying shaker / mud cleaner or double-deck flow line shaker. The above feature permits the operator to treat in one unit with various drilling fluid viscosities and solids.


All WESTPETRO mud cleaner are provided with a coating to maximize its lifespan. The coating is two-part. 3-part coatings are for usage in offshore. Together with our worldwide team for field service and regional centers on distribution of spare component, you will always be in support ever.

Attributes of all linear motion mud cleaner/shakers

1 Explosion and non-explosion resistance electrical

2 50 or 60 Hz system

3 Adjustable deck angle from –2 ½ to +5

4 Pretension screens with wedge fastening

5 High 2 - 7.5 g-force of supplies dry solids discharge.

6 Simple models with no hydraulics, gearbox, pneumatics, or belts.

Technical performance

Diameter of the desander: 250 or 300 mm
Quantity of the desander: 2 or 3
Diameter of the desilter: 100 or 125 mm
Quantity of the desilter: 12,16 or 20
Weight: 3000 - 3100 kg
Dimensions: (Length)3065 x (width)1920 x (height)2670 mm

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