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High Performance Linear Motion Mud Cleaners

Product Details

Our mud cleaner can fulfill nearly all demands for oil & gas well drilling equipment as well as mud recycling system. Mud cleaner is the newest model in treating the drilling fluid. WESTPETRO drilling mud cleaner has a cleaning function that is higher in comparison with desander and desilter(seperated). WESTPETRO mud cleaner is compact, it occupies little space and has effective function. Mud cleaner is the perfect model of the 2nd and the 3rd class solid control.

Mud cleaner benefits:

1. Environmentally effective

The WESTPETRO mud cleaner offers efficient elimination of sand and silt particles that are bigger than 20 microns, and some even15 microns. Removing and drying drilled solids facilitates satisfy environmental rules by minimizing waste

2. High performance

1,000 gpm processing capacity with the 2-12 desander and 900 gpm with the desilter concentrating solids onto a shaker

3. Versatile

The mud cleaner function with the 2-12 desander, desilter or each to treat weighted or unweighted fluids.

4. Extends lifespan of equipment

The mud cleaner facilitates decrease downstream device’s maintenance, replacement.

5. Minimizes cost of operation

The mud cleaner saves liquid and get rid of sand or small particles, so it reduces mud cost.

6. Minimizes disposal cost

The mud cleaner decreases waste produced so that it reduces cost of disposal

Technical performance

Diameter of the desander: 250 or 300 mm
Quantity of the desander: 2 or 3
Diameter of the desilter: 100 or 125 mm
Quantity of the desilter: 12,16 or 20
Weight: 3000 - 3100 kg
Dimensions: (Length)3065 x (width)1920 x (height)2670 mm

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