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WESTPETRO QJ Series Linear Motion Mud Cleaners

Product Details


WESTPETRO QJ Series mud cleaner treats the mud treated by the 1st grade separation device. The barite will be recovered. If cuttings are larger than barite, then they will be eliminated. Via the screens, the barite would move into circulation tanks when the weighted mud passes and the particles that are larger than mesh will be eliminated.

Capabilities & advantages:

1. PU substance, high-chromium cast iron for desander and desilter ca singles.

2. desander cones can be set up between 1 and 3 10"ones. Every cone can process gpm 500 and can separate between 45 and 75 μm.

3. they can be set up in eight and twenty 4"or 5"desilter cones , every cone can process gpm 80 and can separate between 15 and 45 μm.

4. it can adjust mechanized deck when in operation. And it has trustworthy performance.

5. compact with little footprint, two choice of top and weir feed.

Technical performance

Diameter of the desander: 250 or 300 mm
Quantity of the desander: 2 or 3
Diameter of the desilter: 100 or 125 mm
Quantity of the desilter: 12,16 or 20
Weight: 3000 - 3100 kg
Dimensions: (Length)3065 x (width)1920 x (height)2670 mm

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