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Top Quality ZSCQ series Vacuum Degasser

Product Details

Our vacuum degassing with different models devices are economical options for your application of vacuum. The table-top degassing models are constructed with rotary vane pump as well as commercial chambers.

The manual vacuum valve allows complete control over of the down vacuum pump or shear pump, and vent valves also could achieve this. In addition, they enable fast venting to avoid overflows throughout the compounds degassing. This system could also offer one setup for your degassing requirements.


Using vacuum degasser is an essential step of processing to be utilized in industry of oil and gas.

Model for choice

Model ZSCQ /120 ZSCQ /180 ZSCQ /240
capacity(m3/h) 120 180 240
Separated area(cm2) 27720 63000 92041
Vacuum degree (MPa) 0.02~0.04 0.02~0.04 0.03~0.05
Separation efficiency (%) ≥85 ≥92 ≥95
Dimension:L×W×H(mm) 2163×1138×1512 2373×1380×1577 2653×2000×2050
Weight(kg) 950 1200 1900
Matched centrifugal pump capacity(m3/h) 150 180 200
Head(m) 22~30 28~33 30~35
speed(rpm) 1470 1480 1480
power(kW) 22 ~ 30 30~37 45~55
Vacuum pump speed(rpm) 2880 2890 1450
power(kW) 3 4 5.5

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