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Entrained air could be get rid of by mud/gas separators and degassers. These gases include carbon dioxide, hydrogen sulfide, and gas from the mud. Entrained air can decrease hydrostatic mud column head and entrained air can induce catastrophic well control troubles. WESTPETRO produces mud/gas separators and degassers.

Mud/gas separators are the 1st models in solids control gear set to deal with mud. The models have no moving components and rely on the density variation in the gas and the mud. The procedure is easy; however, it is incredibly efficient.

Degassers are employed to eliminate the entrained air bubbles that are small and left in the mud. These models are put downstream from separators, shale shaker, followed by hydro cyclones and centrifuges.

WESTPETRO produces vacuum and atmospheric degassers. Vacuum ones make use of vacuum to withdraw entrained air from the mud. Mud is pumped via a venture. Then the mud flows on dispersion plates. These plates take entrained air closer to the surface for an effortless elimination by a stand-alone vacuum pump. The option among horizontally- or vertically-mounted models is normally dependent on the footprint specifications of the particular rig.

Atmospheric degassers are easy in operation. These models eliminate air, but rather than relying on variations of density in the gas and the mud, it pumps mud into a thin layer, in which the gas releases itself.

WESTPETRO produces mud/gas separators and degassers in Chengdu, china. These models are normally sized for the particular maximum flow of the well. Commonly, the flow pace could influence the dimension of mud/gas separator and degasser that is used. They are just some of a number of solid control equipment and waste management devices that WESTPETRO provides to the customer. Our QMS is ISO 9001-2008 certified.

Model for choice

Model ZSCQ /120 ZSCQ /180 ZSCQ /240
capacity(m3/h) 120 180 240
Separated area(cm2) 27720 63000 92041
Vacuum degree (MPa) 0.02~0.04 0.02~0.04 0.03~0.05
Separation efficiency (%) ≥85 ≥92 ≥95
Dimension:L×W×H(mm) 2163×1138×1512 2373×1380×1577 2653×2000×2050
Weight(kg) 950 1200 1900
Matched centrifugal pump capacity(m3/h) 150 180 200
Head(m) 22~30 28~33 30~35
speed(rpm) 1470 1480 1480
power(kW) 22 ~ 30 30~37 45~55
Vacuum pump speed(rpm) 2880 2890 1450
power(kW) 3 4 5.5

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