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ZSCQ Vacuum Degasser

Product Details

The vacuum degasser is employed in numerous fields, like industry, agriculture and oilfield. Today we will discuss the latter one-oilfield. In oilfield, there are 2 kinds degasser in the system of drilling fluid. One of the two degassers is vacuum degasser, or gas buster.

1. Vacuum degasser function

It’s a principle function is to remove invaded dangerous gas. To avoid blowout and make oilfield safe and

2. Principle of vacuum degasser function

ZLCQ vacuum degasser is a vertical degasser, which involves vessel, vacuum pump, internal blade, base. Gas buster will get rid of dangerous gas quickly. This is based on negative pressure or vacuum gas. It is incredibly equipment in oil and gas drilling, unbalance drilling. In addition, it can filter out sundries. The degasser has optimal prime configuration and it had fantastic structure, making it effective and dependable.

Model for choice

Model ZSCQ /120 ZSCQ /180 ZSCQ /240
capacity(m3/h) 120 180 240
Separated area(cm2) 27720 63000 92041
Vacuum degree (MPa) 0.02~0.04 0.02~0.04 0.03~0.05
Separation efficiency (%) ≥85 ≥92 ≥95
Dimension:L×W×H(mm) 2163×1138×1512 2373×1380×1577 2653×2000×2050
Weight(kg) 950 1200 1900
Matched centrifugal pump capacity(m3/h) 150 180 200
Head(m) 22~30 28~33 30~35
speed(rpm) 1470 1480 1480
power(kW) 22 ~ 30 30~37 45~55
Vacuum pump speed(rpm) 2880 2890 1450
power(kW) 3 4 5.5

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