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BXK52 serial conversion explosion-proof control cabinet

Product Details

Main characteristics:

1. The shell is made of aluminum alloy die-casting, high-quality carbon steel or stainless steel is welded, surface spray or painting, and aesthetic appearance;
2. Protective functions against electric interlock,over-current,overload,short circuit,over voltage.under voltage, over load and over heat etc.
3. Leakage protection can be added, when the leakage current reaches or exceeds the specified value, automatically tripped, cutting off the circuit, to ensure the safety of persons and equipment;
4. Siemens or Schneider products for electric elements
5. Inner elements for choosing and production according to users' requirements

Main Technical parameters

controllable power of moto Rated voltage Rated frequency control voltage Explosion-proof degree Protection grade
4~37kW AC380~660V 50/60Hz 220V ExdⅡBT4 IP55

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