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ZS T-1C shale shaker

Product Details

Flexibility of dual movement

The new WESTPETRO shale shaker combines both balanced movement and progressive elliptical movement, enabling operators to change movement when the conditions of drilling change. With a switch flip, it shifts the elliptical movement from balanced one to the elliptical one without the requirement to suspend operations or shut operations down.

Operators can alter the movement type needed to manage a high volume or create dryer cuttings. Issues like wasted time lost to changing out it to fulfill conditions of drilling is not a problem anymore----with the WESTPETRO shale shaker

Balanced elliptical motion handle high volume solids

The balanced elliptical movement offers 7.5 g force to move swiftly the solids throughout the screens. The movement raises rates of conveyance and fluid capacity of shaker and at the same time letting the shaker handle heavier solids.

Progressive elliptical creates dryer cuttings

The gentle action of the progressive elliptical movement is efficient when the amount of cutting is decreased and operators would like a drying time for the cuttings that is longer. The g-force is decreased to 6.5 g to optimize the recovery of drilling fluid and make dryer cuttings. The productivity of this movement permits high rates of processing and at the same time raising cuttings dryness in order to reduce expenses in haul off

Composite screens supply a relatively long life and a relatively great screen area

The WESTPETRO shale shaker is created to function with composite screens that supply a substantial boost in fluid capacity and superb resistance to blinding offering dryer solids discharge and a bigger net area for usable screen.

Multiple shakers combine to multiply outcomes

Up to 4 shakers can be pre-aligned and mounted on a skid to enable easy rig movements, needing only 1 lift. Dual units and trip units together could utilize one common possum belly and they can include integral feeder slide gates in order to balance flow or in order to divert it to one shaker.

Technical performance

Shaker screen specification: crochet screen; 4x1150 x 760 mm
Capacity: 200m3/h (160meshes, 1.1SG, 60s)
Power: 380/460V, 50/60Hz
Excitation engine: 2-2.2 KW
Screen mesh: Max 200 mesh
Obliquity adjustment: +/-3
Vibration intensity: Max.7 g
Vibration speed: 1500r/min
Protection grade: IP55
Vibration frequency: 25Hz
Explosion-proof grade: ExdIIBT4
Dimensions: Length 3070 * width 1750 * height 1520 mm
Weight: 2200 kg

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