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Balanced Elliptical ZS T-1C shale shaker

Product Details

The super shale shaker incorporates an Italian vibrator engine that enables it to function at an outstanding degree with the dual-motion shaker WESTPETRO. It incorporates linear technology and balanced elliptical movement technology in solids elimination effectiveness.

When the change of drilling conditions occurs, the shaker can be adapted immediately by merely flipping switch on the control box. And it shifts from the elliptical movement from balanced one to the elliptical one without the requirement to suspend operations or shut operations down. The shaker’s running in the gentler balanced elliptical mode leads to drier solids, a longer life of screen and decreased running costs.

The dual-motor linear motion shaker is particularly efficient when drilling sections in which solids that are of high volume are normally encountered. Shakers are required to produce great g-forces in these intervals in order to efficiently make dense solids move throughout the screens.

Technical performance

Screen specification: crochet screen; 4x1150 x 760 mm
Capacity: 200m3/h (160meshes, 1.1SG, 60s)
Power: 380/460V, 50/60Hz
Excitation engine: 2-2.2 KW
Screen mesh: Max 200 mesh
Obliquity adjustment: +/-3
Vibration intensity: Max.7 g
Vibration speed: 1500r/min
Protection grade: IP55
Vibration frequency: 25Hz
Explosion-proof grade: ExdIIBT4
Dimensions: Length 3070 * width 1750 * height 1520 mm
Weight: 2200 kg

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