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ZS/T-1C Series shale shaker

Product Details

Technical advantages of ZS/T-1C series balanced elliptical shale shaker

Balanced elliptical shale shaker, which is newly designed, has big capacity; high meshes, and is special for drilling fluid.

Big flow area

Four pieces 0.875m2 screens make total flow area reaches 3.5m2. It is one of the shale shaker with biggest flow area.


Big flow area and unique polyurethane screen structure significantly improve capacity.

Fine screening

Equipped with screens which have meshes from 160 to 200, the finest screening diameter is 0.075mm.

Compact structure

The length is only 3m and the installation length is only 2.65m with such big screen area.

Variable frequency control

Variable frequency control can adjust excited force without stop.

Technical performance

Screen specification: crochet screen; 4x1150 x 760 mm
Capacity: 200m3/h (160meshes, 1.1SG, 60s)
Power: 380/460V, 50/60Hz
Excitation engine: 2-2.2 KW
Screen mesh: Max 200 mesh
Obliquity adjustment: +/-3
Vibration intensity: Max.7 g
Vibration speed: 1500r/min
Protection grade: IP55
Vibration frequency: 25Hz
Explosion-proof grade: ExdIIBT4
Dimensions: Length 3070 * width 1750 * height 1520 mm
Weight: 2200 kg

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